Lower Hutt - 100% Locally owned and operated

Due to the enormous support for Low Cost Bins continuing to service our wider Lower Hutt community, we will continue to operate in Lower Hutt beyond 1 July 2021.


Do I have to take the Council bins?

No, you can continue to use Low Cost Bins and support local business and jobs.

Do I have to use the Council collection service?

No, Low Cost Bins will continue to service Lower Hutt. Low Cost bins provides you with a choice to suit your household.

I rent my property, can I continue with my Low Cost Bins service?

You can continue with your Low Cost Bins service. You choose what suits your household best.

What if my Council bin hasn't arrived by 1 July?

Low Cost Bins will continue to service your bin. If you have an existing contract that doesn't lapse 30 June, there is nothing you need to do.

I don't have a Low Cost bin or my contract has expired and my Council bin hasn't arrived

You can continue with Low Cost Bins by signing up for one of our competitive plans.

Does Low Cost Bins charge if I want to change my bin plan?

No, but Hutt City Council will charge you.

Can I move properties and take my Low Cost bin with me?

Yes, just let us know your moving date and your new address. There is no charge.

If I cancel my service with Low Cost Bins, what happens next?

If you select below to cancel your service, we will be in touch over the coming months. In the meantime please feel free to use your wheelie bin when you find council service is not working for you.

Low Cost bins will continue to service Lower Hutt after 1 July 2021. To help us grow jobs and support local business throughout the Hutt Valley, please take a moment to provide feedback.

Our services

1. Would you be interested in Ecopay, a PAYT bin service where you only pay to empty your bin when you put it out on collection day. This is a service we offer in other regions. Great for waste minimisers or those weeks when you have an overflow of rubbish.

2.  Would you be interested if we also bundled in a low cost broadband or fibre internet service that saved you 20% of your current rates?

3.  What other services would be of interest to you?

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Service change

If you pay for your service 6 or 12 months in advance, you may be eligible for a partial refund as per our Terms & Conditions. If eligible a refund will be confirmed and processed to your nominated bank account within 30 days after cancellation date.

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