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We hope the following frequently asked questions will provide an answer to your query. If they don't, complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond with an answer to your question by email. If you prefer to phone click here to see our branch phone numbers.

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Wheelie bins come in three sizes: 80 Litre (small) – suitable for a 1-2 person household. Fits approximately: 1.3 x 60L rubbish bags (for general waste in Kapiti and recycling only in Upper Hutt) 120 Litre (medium) – suitable for a 2-3 person household. Fits approximately: 2 x 60L rubbish bags 240 Litre (large) – suitable for a 3 or more person household. Fits approximately: 4 x 60L rubbish bags

Please place kerbside before 7.00am on the day of your collection. Many people place their bin out the night before which is a great advantage of a wheelie bin as pests cannot get into the rubbish.

The three most common reasons why your bin will not be emptied are: • Your bin was put out after the truck cleared your street. All bins must be placed kerbside by 7am on the day of your collection. We cannot guarantee your bin will be collected if your bin is not placed kerbside by 7am. All of our trucks have GPS tracking so we are able to see what time the truck went past your house. • Your bin includes waste that is not permitted. Refer to the what can I/can’t I put in my bin question. • Your bin service has not been paid for. This generally happens if you pay by direct debit and your direct debit fails more than 2 times in a row. It can also happen when you pay in advance and your renewal invoice has not been paid.

Your wheelie bin is designed for general household waste. There are only a few items we ask you NOT to put in the bins. These include stones, steel, oils, paint, polystyrene, hot ashes/liquids, dead animals, dirt/sand, bricks, steel or wood or any other items that can’t be compacted.

This depends on your payment method. If you pay by weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit you can change your bin size by paying a $50 administration fee. If you pay for your service by advance payment you can upsize your bin by paying the difference for the new bin. If you are downsizing we will hold a credit on the account for the price difference and this can be applied to your next invoice. We do not refund the price difference so it is important you are happy with the bin size you have chosen.

We will cover the cost of any damage due to normal wear and tear. You will be responsible for any malicious damage such as fire, loss or theft. If the bin is stolen it will not be able to be used at any other address.

Yes - If you are moving to an address that Low Cost Bins services you can take the bin with you. But you must first change your address on the Change Your Address page of this website or contact your local branch so that your bin continues to get emptied. The branch contact details can be found on the contact us page.

For residential customers in most areas. You can check by typing your address into the toolbar and seeing what products are available.

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