Bin Terms and Conditions Agreement

Wheelie Bin Terms

Northland Waste Limited trading as Northland Waste, Econowaste, and Low Cost Bins hereinafter called the 'company' hires to the hirer the bin herein described on the following terms accepted by the hirer.

1. Equipment Use

We will hire to the hirer one 80, 120 or 240-litre mobile rubbish container known as a wheelie bin for Residential Waste or a 240- litre wheelie bin for Green Waste removal. The following materials may not be placed in the bin: (a) hot articles such as ashes, (b) liquids, (c) inflammable or hazardous substances, (d) sharp or heavy substances which may puncture the bin, (e) tightly packed with sand, earth, stone or rubble. Green Waste Bins are limited to Branches (up to 75mm in diameter and 750mm long). No Flax, Bamboo, Cabbage tree leaves, Soil, Plant pots, Food scraps, Domestic or hazardous waste to be placed in Green Waste bin.

The hirer will not fill the bin beyond the level at which the lid will close normally. The maximum weight of the Wheelie bin will not exceed 20 kilograms for an 80L bin, 30 kilograms for a 120L bin and 60 kilograms for a 240L bin. The hirer will not allow the bin to be removed from the property described as the location to be serviced. The hirer will do whatever is necessary to maintain good hygiene of the bin. The hirer will place the bin at the kerbside by 7am on the day of the week known as the collection day. * (excluding special service contract options)

2. Changes in the Hirer's Details

The hirer is required to advise the company in advance of any changes in the hirer's details. This includes changes to the location of the bin, hirer's postal address, hirer's email address, hirer's contact telephone numbers and hirer's bank account information if payment is made by direct debit. A fee may be charged if the company is required to shift the bin to the hirer's new address.

3. Ownership

The bin remains the property of the company. If the hirer is in breach of the agreement the company reserves the right to enter the premises to recover the bin and will then require immediate payment of any balance still owing by the hirer.

4. Service and Repair

The company will carry out at their own expense any repairs needed due to normal wear and tear. The hirer will bear the cost of all repairs or replacements other than the normal wear and tear and in particular damage resulting from fire, malicious damage, loss or theft.

5. Charges

The service charge, which includes the rental of the bin, is to be paid whether or not the hirer places the bin at the kerbside for service on the specified collection day. The company reserves the right to vary the service charge on giving prior written notice to the hirer.

6. Term and Renewal

This agreement commences on the date that the Wheelie Bin is first delivered to the Customer's address. The supply of the Services by the Company to the Hirer is governed by these terms and conditions. The term of this agreement is rolling ongoing if the hirer pays by weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit. If the hirer pays by advance payment the term will be for the service period indicated by the hirer's advance payment. These terms and conditions will be considered to be ongoing if the hirer chooses to renew this agreement for an additional service period. Payment for a further service period constitutes the hirer's continued agreement to these terms and conditions.

7. Termination

The hirer can terminate this agreement by one month's written notice to the company when the hirer pays for their service by weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit. When cancelling the hirer will be charged a cancellation fee equal to one month's service charge. Termination for wheelie bin services paid in advance will only be refunded to the hirer at the sole discretion of the company. Refunds will only be granted under exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances do not include moving out of the collection area, deciding you do not require the bin any longer or electing to use a competitor's service. When the hirer moves they are able to transfer the bin to friends or family. Where the company grants a refund for an advance payment service a minimum cancellation fee of $30 will be deducted from the refund calculated by the company. The hirer is responsible for all their obligations under the contract until written/electronic notice is received by the company and the bin is collected by the company. The company reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without prejudicing any of its rights within the terms of contract. No cancellation fee will be charged when the company cancels the agreement.

8. Direct Debit Payments

If paying by Direct Debit the payment will be processed on the date specified by the hirer in the agreement or the business day before the specified date if the specified date falls on a weekend or public holiday, unless otherwise advised.

9. Credit and Debit Card Payments

The company accepts payments from MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay credit and debit cards. By the hirer paying for their service by credit or debit card they authorise the company to store the credit or debit card details on file so they can be used for any future amounts charged to the hirer’s account. By selecting the debit or credit card payment method, the hirer confirms:

* they have authority over the credit card or debit card that is being stored with the company

* they authorise the company to charge the elected credit card or debit card with all amounts due on their account as they fall due. They understand that invoiced amounts may vary.

* they agree that the further following terms and conditions will apply to recurring credit card or debit card payments:

Storage of card details

* The company only store the first 6 digits and last 2 digits of the hirer's card. The company place a pre-authorisation hold of $0.01 to verify the card. The hold amount of $0.01 will clear within 7 days.

* The hirer's full card details will be stored with Windcave, a trusted online payment solution provider who stores these details in accordance with their policies. You can view Windcave's policies on their website

Use of your card to pay your invoice

* The company will continue to process card payments for amounts the hirer owes to the company as they fall due. The hirer can choose to add as many cards as they want to their account. However, one card must be selected as the default. If there is only one card on file this will always be the default preferred card. The company will use the default preferred card selected by the hirer to process card payments for amounts they owe.

* The Company will notify the hirer the amount payable at least 14 days prior to the due date of the invoice. The payment will be taken from the hirer's preferred card on the due date of the invoice.

* A record of the payment will be available in the hirer's online account after the transaction has been processed.

Declined Transactions

* If the hirer's payment is declined or reversed by their card issuer, the company will try debiting any other credit cards attached to the hirer's account. If there is only one card on file or all other cards fail, the company will contact you.

Updating card details

* The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they update their card details when they receive a replacement card or change card issuers. This can be done by logging into their online account or calling our customer service team.

* If the hirer's card has expired and they have not replaced it with another valid card, the company will still attempt to process your payment, but the hirer should be aware that it may be declined by your card issuer.

10. Renewal Terms

If the hirer chooses to renew this agreement for a further service period, payment is required by the due date given in the company's renewal notice. If the payment is not received by the expiry of the service period, the company reserves the right to collect the wheelie bin and cancel this agreement without prejudice to any other rights the company has under the terms of this agreement.

11. Changes to These Terms and Conditions

The company reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions (including adding or removing any terms) at any time, provided that we will give you notice of such change by either posting the change on our website, sending you an email or letter, or including a statement on your invoice alerting you to the change.